Photojournalism Saw Its Reflection In The Mirror

With one camera or another since I was 8 years old, I’ve always loved photojournalism. Always aimed to take compelling photos, always dreamed of being more of a photojournalist.

But after experiencing the story of this photo… I have to say I think less of my love for photojournalism than I used to.

As in great photos trigger great sympathy, triggers great humanity. Yet the humanity that is taking many of those pictures, I mean look at ’em.

What they do as journalists is not so great. We need to know the truth of what is going on. But how can a photographer let us know what’s going on without being an inane gawker?

Below from PrisonPhotography:

“Canadian photographer Lucas Oleniuk has been awarded a National Newspaper Award in Canada for his image of Fabienne Cherisma dead on a Port-au-Prince roof-top, one week after the Haiti Earthquake.

Eight weeks ago Paul Hansen won a national award in his home country of Sweden. In March, I wrote about Hansen’s and other photographers’ awards for coverage of Fabienne’s death – Brouhaha in Sweden following Award to Paul Hansen for his Image of Fabienne Cherisma”

That’s now five photographers recognised for their images made within the space of an hour on a Tuesday afternoon.”

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