My Dozen Websites: 3 Writing & Poetry Websites

In the early 2000’s my primary websites were focused on sharing my photography, poetry and prose. The websites were created using simple html and php code. Since that time I’ve shifted over to software because its interface is not only the most popular type of website software available, it’s also the easiest software to learn how to use / teach others to use.

What follows is my poetry website, my prose website and a brand new community poetry website that is scheduled to be fully developed by Fall 2011.

1) Armed with Visions is the name of a 30 year old publication of the Warrior Poets Society. This publication appears in every edition of the Earth First! Journal. The primary focus of these writings is ecocentric poems told from the eyes of nature instead of the eyes of humans. As a group effort this project has been developing slowly. But in time our non-profit status will be established and the website will be funded via Warrior Poet merchandise sales.


2) Twenty-five years ago I wanted to pursue a career in poetry. I endlessly wrote and refined the craft of ‘word as natural soundscape.’ On a good day this inspired meaning and reflection among a great number of my readers. By the turn of the millennium I combined my photography skills with poems and created a website of photo-poems. Posts to Peace from Trees once went out twice a month to over 800 subscribers. Of all my many accomplishments in life, it was always this website that earned me the most meaningful praise.


3) Deane’s Tree Planet is my oldest website. At first I was building it using Microsoft which led me to using Dreamweaver instead. The most significant content on this website is a 20-page summary of a 300 page autobiographical essay I wrote in 2000-2002 at Evergreen State College. This summary is a bit dated, but says much about my origins, my vision and my sense of purpose.



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