My Dozen Websites: 3 Forest Policy & Protection Websites

Since 1991 I’ve been developing career skills in forest protection. Through litigation, community organizing and direct action I’ve done much to successfully save ancient forests and trees in California, Oregon and Washington. Additionally, for my Master’s in Public Administration degree I studied international forest monitoring. Here are three websites that best reflect my work in grad school:

1) OLYecology’s Forest Policy Research (FPR) Project is an information clearinghouse news service. FPR is also dedicated to facilitating the networking, recruiting and sharing of skills among environmental activists. FPR has a networking center for activists and educators, which is located at the home of our non-profit 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor, Media Island International in Olympia, WA. (USA)

Over the course of 480 editions, FPR has produced and distributed electronic information about forest issues in every country in the world. In recent years FPR has converted this email based resource into a multi-media website, which features detailed satellite maps, as well as a 15,000 article data-base.


2) Voices of Humboldt County is a Northern California affiliate website of Forest Policy Research. The website represents the interests of the Humboldt Watershed Council,  a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The council is composed of Humboldt County residents, watershed groups and community organizations that are concerned with the degradation of our watersheds, and the tremendous impact this has upon our health, safety, property, and quality of life.


3) Evergreen Truth is also a Forest Policy Research affiliate website. This website represents Evergreen State College alumni, staff, faculty and local citizen’s opposed to both the increase in deforestation on the 1,000 acre campus, as well as a proposal to replace natural gas heating with wood “waste” heating.


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