My Dozen Websites: 3 Healing Arts Practitioners

A personal fitness trainer, a Reiki healer, a Polarity Therapy practitioner… These are my favorite clients.

Being self-motivated and willing to sit in front of a computer to make their private practice succeed is what set these folks apart from the others. It’s so rewarding to show someone software and have them just take it and run with it. Always my goal with clients is to give them the tools they need to maintain their own website.

The three primary tools all three clients below made immediate use of were 1) software, 2) Picnik, an Online photo editor, and 3) Google News, that’s ‘sorted by date’ instead of popularity.










1) Health Peace Philosophy is the website of life coach and personal trainer Deon Kappenmen. Of all the people I trained to use the above mentioned tools, she figure it out and was off and running faster than anyone else I worked with.


2) Earth in Heart by Amanda Lux is a website I created in early March 2011. Not sure how much more additional work she’ll be needing from me. This is the second time she’s had a website, so she thus far been as ambitious as Deon.

I did a photo shoot as part of this project and the lighting was better than I thought possible. Also loved how the real-time Collecta widget has so many positive things to say about Polarity Therapy. It’s rare to have a search term work so well in a real-time widget.


3) Christina Marie’s Awakened Heart website was the most extensive work I’ve done for a healing arts client. Christina was great at running her own website,  but I added to that photography services, sales copy and promotional services, motivational coaching and in-depth analysis of the healing arts marketing. All done as trade.

I received enormous benefits from a year’s worth of Reiki healings. She’s one of the best healers I’ve ever been to!

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