Maybe It’s Time To Start Recording Ecopoetry Again?

Southwest Corner of My Wildlife Garden

The lack of people listening and reading Armed With Visions poetry caught up to me a few years back. The passion and enjoyment of the work first started to fade when I moved to a new place with a huge garden and loads of wildlife.

Instead of feeling inspired by putting many hours into making yet another multi-media eco-poetry presentation, the preference became looking out the window and being inspired to put long hours into making the garden more beautiful and the wildlife more abundant.

But perhaps it’s more balanced to again put hours into inspiring others with presenting the best of the best of Armed With Vision’s Ecopoetry? All these thoughts occur to me while logging into Soundcloud and realizing people are still listening. The track below is inspiring because over 500 people have listened. That’s way more than usual. Perhaps it’s time to make a comeback?

The morning
full of bird songs
When one
would be enough

Dennis Maloney
November 1984 Earth First!

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