Mackie Mobile Sound Solution of 4 Years Ago

This article originally appeared on the Mackie Loud Technologies’ Website here: Evidently their permalink wasn’t so permanent… So here is a replication of that article…

Yes, those speakers are fully operational. Yes, it’s really loud. Yes, everything and everyone in the vicinity of this vehicle vibrates violently when the volume is cranked. And that’s exactly the way that Mackoid, Deane Rimerman wants it.

Despite what you may think, Deane did not get this system set up in order to show off. “…forget about impressing anyone with it. Everyone we drive near seems to have already learned how to tune out such noisy antics,” says Deane.

However, the folks over at Mackie are very impressed. It is not often that you see a pair of SRM350s and an SWA1501 pole-mounted and fully functional in a car driving down the road. Deane employs two 700-watt power invertors to get this awesome system up and running.

“Currently we’re running a signal from an MP3 player to an ART EQ into a DBX sub-harmonic synthesizer. In all honesty, the hum of power inverters and speaker amps all packed into a tiny compact car is way, way too loud at any speed other than freeway speed.

Of course above 75 mph it sounds quite nice! I mean you’ll never guess how many things in a car can rattle when you pump up a Mackie Sub. It can even make the rear view mirror too blurry to see out of,” comments Deane.

Driving around the Pacific Northwest from gig to gig, Deane and his band-mates use this setup to fiddle around with new gear. “Overall it makes driving down the freeway more like sound school and much less like just getting to the next event. We’re much better at knob turning because of it, too. And a big thanks to Mackie for making equipment that teaches us all so much about quality sound!,” concludes Deane.

Note: Author incorrect in ‘traveled from gig to gig.’ That lifestyle has always been a dream, never a reality… Maybe someday soon that’ll be necessary?:-)

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