End Of Being Annoyed By The Pointlessness Of Gamers


Sometimes I notice that the smartest people I know aren’t doing something productive because they’re busy gaming.

That used to bother me the same way people who can’t stop blankly staring into a TV bother me.

At the same time whenever I look over the shoulder of hardcore World of Warcraft gamers I see hardcore organization and orchestration of highly complex activities.

How they wear headsets and coordinate highly efficient attacks by working cooperatively in a guild. Sometimes the impressive part of it causes me to discount the stupid waste-of-time part of it.

Imagine what would happen if we applied this methodology to the prosecution of tens of thousands of predatory loan sellers? Imagine if we had guilds going after those who stole billions in ways that wins those billions back? That’d be novel, huh? Or why not guilds ganging up on bringing accountability and transparency to the federal reserve?

If any of this does happen, I’ll for sure be featuring it at my new website:


This dream about tomorrow has been brought to you by what’s already been done:

“In diseases like HIV, enzymes known as retroviral proteases play a key role in a virus’s ability to overwhelm the immune system and proliferate throughout the body. For years, scientists have been working to identify what these retroviral proteases look like, in order to develop drugs that target these enzymes and stymie the progression of deadly viral diseases like AIDS. Unfortunately, many of these researchers’ efforts have been met with little success.

Now, a group of online gamers has solved this scientific puzzle that managed to confound top-tier research scientists for over a decade… only the gamers pulled it off in just three weeks. Scientists can be such noobs.” From io9.com

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