004 – Best New Uploads on Soundcloud

Ross Cowman is one of the hardest working musicians in Olympia, Washington. From helping far away bands book local shows, to helping people record albums, to booking his own tours, Ross is always at work for the cause of great music. Here’s the newest track he just uploaded.
So this dude in Poland decides to create a new beat loop every day of the year and he’s already uploaded 344 tracks! You can download his beats and incorporate them into your your own sounds if you like. His work is like high-quality glue that’s able to hold your musical pieces together.
A beautiful prayer in both traditional language, as well as in english is the offering of the day from Smithsonian Folkways.
Cass McCombs has written a ballad about Bradly Manning, the Wikileaks guy who turned world governments on their head by using his military access to leak a huge amount of classified documents.
Marie Huertas records her rants and quotes often on Soundcloud. This track about her developing yoga practice begins with a quote from Victor Hugo. Her yoga words say much about healthy living.

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