003 – Best New Uploads on Soundcloud

Where else but on Soundcloud are you going to have access to the newest recording of Sigur Rós minutes after the recording is ready to share?
As she says in this track: “This is absolutely the most exciting time you could possibly be able to be alive.” A collaboration with CoMaFae that contains sampled elements from Thomas Newman’s “Any Other Name,” and a violin from Killzone 3’s soundtrack.
Fauxbo in London makes music remixes from films and soundscapes. From Talk In Colour to indie band Anison to Synkro and D Bridge there are some really great tracks that come from this scholar of sound.
Smithsonian Folkways is a great service that brings greater awareness to all the most unique styles of our world’s music. Here’s some Bali music.
Dave Greening is by far the most prolific composer I follow on Soundcloud. His arrangements revolve around the piano and all day everyday he not only records awesome original material, but he’s also busy pointing out all the great material of others on the site too!

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