002 – Best New Uploads on Soundcloud

Maura McGovern is by far my most favorite Soundcloud voice. She says on her website: “I am 30 something. forever wandering and wondering, in awe of the ordinary, constantly seeking color, contrast, music that begs for dance, a good book, conversation, someone to hold my right hand.”
A shout out to some local brilliant beats in Olympia! As in DocHollywood360. Never knew of ’em till just about now. What the Doc says: “Time travelin MC and producer from Olympia, WA. Currently working with the Hollywood Kill Krew. Started making a beat a day on April 11th 2011. Quit my full time job just to make more. Looking to collaborate with others, especially overseas.”
Farmville’s great, but why not make it better with sound effects? Like Farm animals or nearby wildlife? Ask yourself, could loudly listening to high-quality recordings of sheep, wild birds, ducks, roosters, chickens really change the err of our species in a meaningful way?

By far my favorite of the day is (band in search of label) Rajasthani They’re in Toulouse, France and consist of Soundcloud uploader Patrick Duvignacq: Composition, mix, editing ~ Vincent Guyot: bass, synth, organ ~ Raphael Mateu: Trumpet, horns ~ Abdeljalil Aït Jimhi: Ribab / Lotar / Banjo ~ Julian Babou : Bass ~ Nicolas Pujos: Saxophone (reached at: pduvignacq@hotmail.com)
Also from the same person who uploaded that last one Patrick Duvignacq

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