Storify is the solution… if it worked… but it’s still in the absolute earliest stages of what it could be!

Storify still sucks… Way too twittercentric… But someday it’ll be the best thing ever…

Quest for the Holy Grail: Perfect online content curation tool… Storify?
July 8, 201

Ever have that end of the day after blogging buzz where you feel good all over simply cuz… You’re pleased with how your most recent blog post went?

Or how about how you feel if you haven’t had an awesome blog post in a while? Don’t procrastinate!

And when it comes to creating compelling media it’s all about production time. The more you can speed up the production, the more time you’ll have to do finishing touches and finalizing.

For this… That is the Grail we search for.

Or as Marshall says:

“Storify is a fast-growing and much-loved service that lets users quickly and easily build dynamic collections of embeddable content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and elsewhere.”

Success In Life: Focus On The Core Human Drives…DeaneTR 

As always ProBlogger is hosting another brilliant guest post! This one is from Danny Iny and its called: Writing to Attract, Retain and Engage. Now which one of you writers out there wouldn’t be interested in that? This 1,600 word post makes it clear why you need to know as much as possible about what motivates people to keep reading.

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