Women’s Liberation: Defining Times in Santa Cruz, Early 80’s

The successful result of this particular campaign led to the end of the Miss California Beauty pageant being held in Santa Cruz, CA. every year.

The recent inquiry began as an online thread with Rob Brezsny regarding the early origins of the Lady Gaga genre.

Rob Brezsny wrote: “We know for sure that in 1982, Santa Cruz feminist activist Ann Simonton prefigured Lady Gaga’s 2010 meat dress. Ann was leading a protest of the Miss California Pageant at the time. I believe this prankful fashion statement was designed by B Modern.”

Here’s a Photo of Free Will Astrology messiah, Rob Brezsny at the event.

DeaneTR wrote: Lady Gaga was born on March 28th, 1986. So perhaps that original meat dress was a lighthouse that got her to notice this world? Maybe the meat dress is what caused Lady Gaga to incarnate?

Rob Brezsny wrote: I’m gonna buy that theory: Ann’s shiny, stitched-together, artfully layered slabs of bologna served as a kind of beacon to the spirit of Lady Gaga , which was hovering in the pre-life Bardos looking for a sign.

Ronnie Record wrote: So nice to see the Myth California pageant brought up here. Here is another YT vid of those protests – (posted below) – I loved all of our future expatriot Santa Cruzans including Ann and Nikki and WEW and Spot 1019 and the Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada (hey, another Lady Gaga origin).

Steve Coulter wrote: “I remember banging on a drum in a drum circle outside the pageant when one woman took off her shirt and starting dancing topless in the middle of the circle. A motorcycle cop with reflector sunglasses rode over, watched for a while, and then walked into the circle to write her a ticket. What happened next I will never forget. The other women in the circle started to take off their shirts. The cop looked around and realized he was about to be outnumbered by naked breasts, so he retreated and the drumming and dancing continued. At least that’s what I remember through the fog of time and who knows what else.”


Here’s more great footage of Ann’s many meat dress actions that may have led to the incarnation of Lady Gaga:


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