Web Lesson: Periodic Table of SEO


Finding myself too often repeating Web lessons for clients…

So from now on I’m gonna post these lessons on my website. Next time instead of repeating myself, I’ll just send ’em a link! In many respects this is the way we improve web efficiency / what made the Web what it is today.  So here you go…

Last week, Search Engine Land posted this infographic, which is big help for those who have to teach SEO. And if you want to find success online in a way that get loads of web traffic, take time to learn more about their infographic.

Key to it all is remembering that SEO is an ever changing target that no one can entirely keep up with / just about everybody is always falling behind with.

And While it’s important to know current prevailing winds. There is no guarantee that what you are investing in today will really pay off tomorrow. It’s a complicated being this SEO machine.

If you have any questions about SEO please post ’em in the comments section below.SeoTo preview full Infograph Go Here.

SearchEngineLand-Periodic-Table-of-SEO.pdf Download this file




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