Fukushima Suicide Corps

Advocates of nuclear power probably aren’t willing to die for nuclear power. They get others to do that for them… They’re called the “Suicide Corps.” (see below)
Keep your eye on http://Fairewinds.com –> They have consistent reliable often updated info about how nuclear power plants works and what the specific risks and dangers are based on most recently made available data .


Elderly volunteers seek to stabilize nuclear plant
More than 160 elderly have volunteered to brave high radioactivity and help stabilize the disaster. At the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, 1,148 people were working as of May 22 with a goal of bringing crippled reactors to cold shutdown within eight months.
    • Michael Garvin: ‎”shutdown within 8 months” is sad. while my korean cardiologist has no use for these folks, i gotta salute the “i’ll die so we can prevail” attitude. now if they would only go hug a tepco exec just before every shower. gotta get back to the weatherporn; dallas may have slipped passed but st.louis is on

      Deane Rimerman: Yea, eight months is like only a pretend shutdown anyways… Kinda like when Bush said Mission Accomplished in Iraq! I mean when you have evidence of chunks of nuclear fuel rods that got blasted thru the roof and landed as far as a kilometer away… You’re gonna need alot concrete to hide it all! (Fairewinds.com)
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