Don’t Let Neighbors Practicing Mass Murder Keep You Awake

The South Puget Sound area from Tacoma to Olympia, Washington has been kept awake in recent nights by huge explosions from soldiers practicing murder on a mass scale.

Not only is this “practice” harming the land, it’s promoting unsustainable self-defeating activities that ultimately blow back and harm the people they originally meant to protect.

Nations become stronger by not over using military force… And the fact that our nation has nearly 700 forward-operating military bases on foreign soil speaks volumes to how important practicing restraint truly is.

Regardless, here’s the schedule of types of bombs and munitions South Puget Sound is kept awake by this week. Hope they don’t accidentally use anymore Depleted Uranium shells this time?

“This schedule of significant range activity is provided as a courtesy for residents of
neighboring communities, for informational purposes only. Activities are listed when they may produce noise or other disturbances beyond the boundary of JBLM’s maneuver training areas, weapons ranges, and artillery impact area. Actual noise or vibrations experienced can vary according to the type of training conducted, distance from firing point or impact area, and intervening terrain. Atmospheric conditions also play a significant role in the amount of noise experienced and distance the sound may travel from its point of origin. This schedule reflects that a range has been reserved, and the type of training scheduled to take place. Firing may take place from various firing points, at various times, throughout the time reserved for training. Ranges may be rescheduled, postponed, or cancelled at any time. Unscheduled range activity may occur at the discretion of the range control office.”


60mm/81mm Mortars
155mm Howitzer
Demolitions and C4

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