Accidental Posting: 3 Helpful Facebook Commenting Commands!

Facebook’s latest changes in commenting functions are now much more embrassing for the novice user… Have you noticed that when you comment and inaverdantly hit the enter key (aka: your half-baked comment gets posted?

So now there are novice facebook users writing comment after comment as an endless tape loop of editing and reediting. Thru no fault of their own they don’t know they can delete their comments. So here are a few lessons on: how to delete your Facebook comments; how to recover your half-baked comment; how to again be able to use your enter key without accidentally posting.

1) How to delete your comment: In the upper right corner of your comment is the letter X. Click on that and a window will ask if you want to delete, say yes. If you delete your comment fast enough there will be no delete window and your text will automatically appear back in the writing window for you to finish your comment.

2) How to recover your comment: If you didn’t delet your comment dast enough and its gone hit “control-z” (aka: universal command for: “I screwed up and I take it back.”)

3) How to use enter key without posting: Press “shift” and then enter.

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